Recent Publications by Mr. Erick Kioko
1. Kioko, E. M. & Bollig, M. (2015). Cross-cutting Ties and Coexistence: Intermarriage, Land Rentals and Changing Land Use Patterns among Maasai and Kikuyu of Maiella and Enoosupukia, Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya. Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, X(X), 1-16, DOI:
2. Kioko, E. M. (in typesetting). Regional Varieties and `Ethnic´ Registers of Sheng. In Nico Nassenstein and Andrea Hollington (Eds.) Youth languages practices in Africa and beyond (CSL 105). Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter. pp. 119-148.
3. Kioko, E. M. (2012). Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at Lake Naivasha, Kenya: A Case Study of Kasarani Village. Köln, Hundt Druck GmbH, [ISSN 2194-1556].  

Research Funds/Awards by Mr. Erick Kioko:
i. European Union, Resilience in East African Landscapes Marie Curie ITN (FP7-PEOPLE-
ii. 2013-ITN project no. 606879). Doctoral funding through University of Cologne (2013-2016).
iii. North Rhein Westfalen; Albertus-Magnus-Programme, Cologne, Germany. Project: Culture and Environment in Africa. Master scholarship (2009-2011).
iv. University of Cologne/Bonn: Resilience, collapse and reorganisation in complex coupled social-ecological systems (SES) in Africa; Master research funds, ‘Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at Lake Naivasha’ (2010).
v. DAAD Academic Excellence Price 2012: Top 10 best post-graduate thesis out of 150.