The school of environmental studies organized seed harvesting exercise on 24th April, 2021. This exercise was intended to gather young tree seedlings, which had freely grown on the roadside behind the Kenyatta Catholic Church and near the staff quarters. Thirty three Kenyatta University Rotaract Club students participated in the exercise, which saw around 600 seedlings being harvested and taken to the KU nursery where they were placed ready for later planting. On the same day, the students managed to plant 200 more seedlings at the grounds near the Geography department. On 13th May, 2021 three first year Masters Students managed to plant 15 more tree seedling and on 15th May 202, Twenty five (25) more seedlings were planted by fourth year students in the same Venue. All this efforts are geared towards achieving the national goal 10% forest cover in the country by the year 2022 and attaining the directive of setting aside 10% of their budget as part of Cooperate Social responsibility (CSR) towards achieving this goal.

 A photo1:  Tree harvesting and transportation exercise by the Kenyatta University Rotaract club to the KU Nursery on 24th April 2021.


A photo 2: Tree planting exercise which took place on Sunday 24th April, 2021 at the Geography Department Grounds


A photo 3: Tree harvesting exercise which took place on Sunday 24th April, 2021 behind the Kenyatta University Catholic Church


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