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Faculty Publications


Date Issued
2008 New Perspectives in Forestry Education New Perspectives in Forestry Education Temu AB, Chamshama SAO, Kung'u J, Kaboggoza J, Chikamai B and Kiwa A
2008 Poverty, Energy, and Resource Use in Developing Countries: Focus on Africa. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Volume 1136, Issue 1 Kammen, D.M. and Kirubi, C.
2008 The Role of Forestry Education in Rural Strategies to Cope with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. New Perspectives in Forestry Education. Pp.
Kung'u, James B.
and Samuel C. J.
2008 Maize yields and mineral-N movement as affected by organic and inorganic inputs in a humic nitisol in Meru South District, Kenya. African Journal of Environmental Studies and Development 1: 99-108 Mucheru-Muna MW, Mugendi D, Mugwe J, Kung'u J,
2008 Irrigated Urban Agriculture in Kisumu Municipality, Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges  

Dr. Caleb Mireri

2008 Assessment of the opportunities and challenges of infrastructure development and service delivery in Kianda, Kibera Slums, Nairobi Africa Journal of Environmental Studies andDevelopment. Vol. 1, No. 1, pp41 – 46

Dr. Caleb Mireri

2008 Energy: Electrification   Kirubi, C., and Kammen, D.M., Middleton, J. and Miller, J.C
2008 Best bet soil fertility technologies for improved food production in the Central highlands of Kenya. African Journal of
Environmental Studies and Development 1: 8-15
Mugendi D, Mucheru-Muna MW, Mugwe J, Kung'u J, Bationo A,
2008 Determinants of the decision to adopt integrated soil fertility management practices by small holder farmers in the central highlands of Kenya.   Mugwe J, Mugendi D, Mucheru-Muna MW, Merckx R, Chianu J and Bernard V
2008 Correlation Between Indigenous Communities' Concept of Development and their Response to Contemporary Paradigms of Sustainable Development with Reference to Mijikenda of Kenya and Abakwaya of Tanzania. International Journal of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences Nyaga, S.N.


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