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Dr. Eric Mutisya Kioko


Lecturer/ Research Fellow
Department: Environmental Studies and Community Development
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844, 00100-Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +254 (0) 724833920
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Ph.D. (Oct. 2013- Sept. 2016): University of Cologne, Germany
Social and Cultural Anthropology
Thesis title: Turning conflict into coexistence: cross-cutting ties and institutions in the agro-pastoral borderlands of Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya.
Grade: “Magna cum laude” (1,0) (with great honours)
PhD published version:

M.A (2010-2012): University of Cologne, Germany
Culture and Environment in Africa
Thesis title: Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at L. Naivasha, Kenya
Grade: “Sehr gut” (1,3) (very good)
Published version:

B.A (2004-2008): University of Nairobi, Kenya
Grade: First class honors

Areas of Specialization:
Social Anthropology, Ethnicity, Conflicts & Peacebuilding, Culture & Environment, Poverty Reduction & Community Development

Research / Publications

  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (2017), Conflict Resolution and Crime Surveillance in Kenya: Local Peace Committees and Nyumba Kumi, in: Africa Spectrum, 52, 1, 3–32. Open Access
  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (in print). Culture and conservation: environmental stewardship in rapidly changing African environments, in: Mazingira Yetu, April 2017.
  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (2016). Turning conflict into coexistence: cross-cutting ties and institutions in the agro-pastoral borderlands of Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya. PhD
  • Thesis, Universität zu Köln. URL:
  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (2016). Forgotten peace in resource use. In: People and Land, a publication by the Resilience in East Africa Landscapes Research Group. ISBN: 978-
  • 0-9573771-5-8.
  • Kioko, E. M. & Bollig, M. (2015). Cross-cutting Ties and Coexistence: Intermarriage,Land Rentals, and Changing Land Use Patterns among Maasai and Kikuyu of Maiella
  • and Enoosupukia, Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya. Rural Landscapes: Society,Environment, History, 2(1): 1, pp. 1-16, DOI:
  • Kioko, E. M. (2015). Regional Varieties and “Ethnic” Registers of Sheng, In Nico Nassenstein and Andrea Hollington (eds.) Youth Languages Practices in Africa and
  • Beyond. Mouton de Gruyter. Berlin, pp. 119-148.
  • Kioko, E. M. (2013). Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at Lake Naivasha, Kenya: A Case Study of Kasarani Village. Köln, Hundt Druck GmbH, [ISSN 2194-1556].
  • (Accepted for Publication) Ungoverned Spaces, Marginalisation and Informalisation of Violence in Northern Kenya- the Case of Kenya Police Reservists. AfSol journal
  • (with Okumu Willis, ZEF, Bonn).
  • (Accepted for Publication) Appeasing the land: local peace committees and comanagement of conflicts in rural Kenya. AfSol journal (with Okumu Willis, ZEF,
  • Bonn).
  • Cooperation in the midst of conflict: cattle raids and land deals in Laikipia and Narok,Kenya. For submission to Africa journal (with Marie Gravesen, University of
  • Cologne).
  • Selected International Confrence Presentations
  • 2017 (June 7-9). Global South on the Move: Transforming Capitalism, Knowledge and Ecologies, in Cologne, Germany. Paper presentation, ‘Conservation in a violent
  • environment: social-ecological change, community-based conservancies, and emergent value chains.
  • 2017 (April 1-5): Intrastate conflict. Conference of the DAAD African Good Governance Network (AGGN) in Bonn, Germany. Paper presentation, ‘Violent Valley: Land
  • Settlement, Politics, and peacebuilding in Kenya’
  • 2017 (Jan 10-15): Global South Studies Centre, University of Cologne. Workshops on “Future Conservation: Towards an African Eden?” organised under the project, “Future
  • Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation”, in Cologne, Germany.
  • 2015 (Sept): Conference ‘Diversity of Violence in East Africa. PRIO/BIEA, 3rd -5th Sept. (Presented a paper)
  • 2015 (Aug): Post graduate conference on land and conflicts, University of Dar es Salaam,Tanzania (Presented a paper)
  • 2013 (Sept): The UNESCO International Conference on Global Ethics for Peace and Security : Africa-Asia-Pacific”, 3-4 Sept, Nairobi (Presented a paper).
  • 2013 (Feb): Mobility, Networks, and Institutions in the Management of Natural Resources in Contemporary Africa. VW Project Seminar – Katima Mulilo, Namibia; 1st -6th Feb 2013
  • (Presented a paper).
  • 2012 (Aug): Pan-African Anthropological Association Conference at University of Nairobi “Africa, Anthropology and the MDG´s; 13-14 August 2012 (Presented a paper).
  • 2012 (June): Conference of the African Studies Association in Germany (VAD): Embattled Spaces – Contested Orders (30/05 – 02/06/2012) .
  • 2011 (Oct): Tropentag, Development on the margin. International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management, and Rural Development. Bonn, Germany.

Training  Courses and  Technical Workshops

  • January 2017: Shifting Bio-cultural Frontiers: Reterritorialization and Global entanglements in Conservation Areas of South and Eastern Africa. Workshop organized by the Global South Studies Centre, University of Cologne, Germany (12-14 Jan).
  • July 2016: Food Security in Local, Regional and Global Perspectives; University of Warwick, UK. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • Mar 2016: Long Term in Conservation; Africa Conservation Centre, Nairobi. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • May 2015: Workshop, ‘Resilient Pasts and Sustainable Futures; University of Ghent, Belgium. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • Nov 2014: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on landscape resilience in East Africa; University of York, UK. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • Nov 2014: Research communication, organisation and inter-sectoral skills and grants writing; University of York, UK. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • Apr 2014: Scientific Video Production and Reporting; BIEA/Nairobi Arboretum/Multimedia University, Kenya. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • Mar 2014:  Workshop on Remote Sensing, Archival Sources and Historical Methods; British Institute in East Africa (BIEA) and National Museums of Kenya.
  • Mar 2014:  Workshop on Social Science and Humanities Field Research; BIEA & NMK. Supported by Marie Curie ITN.
  • Feb 2014: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) methods and challenges; Stockholm University, Sweden. Supported by Marie Curie ITN

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