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Dr. Samuel Ochola

dr ochola

: Dr.
: Environmental Studies & Community Development
Contact Address
: P.O. Box 43844-00100
: Lecturer
Research Interests: Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Disaster Risks Reduction, Land?Use Planning, Climate Change, Integrated Water Resources Management, and Community Adaptation.

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• Currently: Consultant for Renewable World in charge of Baseline Surveys, Mid Term Reviews and End of Term Evaluation in its 6 Community Projects on Renewable Energy Solutions for the Lake Victoria Environment (RESOLVE) (at Luanda Rombo, Got Kachola, Rasira, Ngore, Tabla and Ragwe Beach Management Units).
• Feb – June 2014: Regional Consultant for IUCN - ISSIPS Mid-Term Review of Austrian Development Cooperation Building Drought Resilience Project, Projects in Kenya and Uganda – Garissa and Tana River Counties and Karamoja Region.
• April 2013 - 2016: Consultant for Renewable World Organisation- on Baseline Surveys and M&E on their Renewable Energy Solutions for the Lake Victoria Environment (RESOLVE) projects around Lake Victoria.
• 2010-2012: Collaborative Researcher, Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) East African Great Lakes Observatory (EAGLO) NERC Reference NE/I003266/1. The ESPA Project involved Monitoring ecosystem dynamics and services in the East African Great Lakes, Regional management and communication, Ecosystem scenario simulation and analysis, Co-management challenges and opportunities in the African Great Lakes and Expected Impacts of Climate Change on the African Great Lakes and Potential Response Strategies.
• 2009 to Present: Greenhouse Gas Studies Related to Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Lake Nakuru. Other on-going research activities: community water supply and Disaster Risk Reduction.
• 2005-2008: Integrated Flood Risk Mapping in the Nyando River catchment.
• 18th May-1st June 2003: Hydrological Hazards and Risk Assessment in Orco Valley, Northern Italy, Slope Instability and Volcanic Risk Assessment of Vulcano Island - ITALY.
• Dec 2002-Jan 2003: Greenhouse Sediment Gas Studies in Kenyan Rift Valley Lakes in collaboration with a U.S Fulbright Scholar.
• June-August 2002: Greenhouse Gases (CO2 and CH4) and Nitrogen in the Lakes of East Africa: Cycling of Carbon and Nitrogen. Sediment gas research in Lake Nakuru and Gas emissions measurements from Papyrus wetlands in Lake Naivasha, Kenya.
• Dec 2001-Jan 2002: Sediment Gas Trainee under Pan-African START Secretariat on: Greenhouse Gas Studies Related to Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Lakes and Wetlands of Sub-Sahara Africa.
• 27th June-14th Aug 2001: Interdisciplinary Training Course in Tropical Lake Studies and Research Methods, Kigoma, Tanzania, sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation, The World Wildlife Fund and the University of Arizona
• Dec 2000–June, 2001: Research Assistant/Intern, Pan-African START Secretariat, Department of Geology, University of Nairobi. A Fulbright fellowship research project under SUNY Plattsburgh and U.S. Geological Survey’s Climate Change Program entitled: Greenhouse Gas Studies Related to Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Lakes and Wetlands of Sub-Sahara Africa. Studies on lakes: Tanganyika, Baringo, Bogoria, Elementeita, Nakuru, and Naivasha.

 Articles in Refereed Journals
• Ochola, S.O., B. Eitel and D. O. Olago (2010). Vulnerability of schools to floods in Nyando River catchment, Kenya. Disasters: Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy & Management, 34(3), 732-754.
• Ochola, S.O. and B. Eitel and D.O. Olago (submitted). A GIS-based assessment on the vulnerability of homes to floods in Nyando River catchment, Kenya. Journal of Disasters and Coastal Management. Submitted.
• Ochola, S.O. and D.D. Adams (under journal peer review). Limnology of the southern basin of Lake Albert -Uganda. Ready for submission in African Journal of Aquatic Sciences.

Articles in Conference Proceedings
• Ochola, S.O., B. Eitel and D.O. Olago (2008). Sustaining a rural water supply: the case of Ngere Kagoro Community Water Project in Nyando District, Kenya. Conference on International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development. Tropentag, October 7-9, 2008, Hohenheim, Germany. ISBN 978-3-86727-755-6.
• Ochola, SO., Odada, E.O and Olago, D.O., Adams, D.D. (2003) Sediment gas studies in East African Rift Valley lakes. In Global Threats to Large Lakes, IAGLR 46th Annual Conference and ILEC 10th World Lakes Conference, Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A.

• Karienye, D., Ochola, S. and Muriithi, J. (2012) Impact of Climate Variability on Rural Livelihoods in Nyeri County, Kenya. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing pp. 92. ISBN-10: 3659291080 and ISBN-13: 978-3659291081.
• Ochola, S.O. (2009) Integrated Flood Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in Nyando River Catchment, Kenya: Options for Land-Use Planning. Sierke Verlag. Göttingen. P. 257. ISBN-13 978-3-86844-44-118-5.

 Chapters in Books
• Ochola, S.O. (2012) Lightning: One of Kenya’s most unpredictable, underrated and neglected yet so dangerous a natural hazard. p. 61-84 In Adoyo, J.W. and Wangai C.I. eds. (2012) Kenya: Political, Social and Environmental Issues. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York. ISBN 978-1-62081-097-2.
• Ochola, W.O. and Ochola, S.O. (2012) Information and communications technologies (ICTs), climate change and water: Issues and research priorities in Africa. p. 57-72. In Alan Finlay, A. and Adera, E. Eds (2012) Application of ICT for Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector: Developing country experiences and emerging research priorities. Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Goa, India. p. 113. ISBN: 978-92-95096-43-1.
• Ochola, S.O. (2012) Impacts of Climate Change on Wetlands in Kenya. UNEP. In MEMR (2012) Kenya Wetlands Atlas. Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources. Progress Press Co Ltd, Malta pp. 140.
• Mutai, C.C. and Ochola, S.O. (2011) Climate Change and Variability. p. 46-60. In NEMA (2011) Kenya State of the Environment Report 2010. National Environment Management Authority. Progress Press, Malta.
• Adams, D.D. and S.O. Ochola. (2002) A review of sediment gas cycling with reference to Lake Victoria and sediment gas measurements in Lake Tanganyika, p. 277-305. In E.O. Odada and D.O. Olago, eds. (2002) The East African Great Lakes: Limnology, Palaeolimnology and Biodiversity in Advances in Global Research book series by Kluwer Publishers, Dordrecht, the Netherlands. p. 598. ISBN- 1-4020-0772-8.
• S.O. Ochola (2001) Sediment Gas Studies Related to Methane and Carbon Dioxide in Lake Tanganyika: Comparative Core Investigations on Kalya Horst and Slope. Nyanza Project 2001 Report, University of Arizona.

• Hartmann, I, Ochola, S.O, Egeru, A., Bemigisha, J., Massa, H., Ochola, W. (2014) Mid-Term Review of Building Drought Resilience Project, Kenya and Uganda. IUCN. Nairobi.
• Odada, E.O., Ochola, W.O., Olago, D.O. and Ochola, S.O. (2013) Baseline Survey Report on Renewable Energy Solutions for the Lake Victoria Environment: Luanda Rombo. Renewable World. U.K.
• Adams, D.D., S.O. Ochola, D.M. Kinyanjui and E.W. Njoroge (2005) Distribution of Carbon Gases (CH4 and CO2) in the Surface Sediments of Block 3, Southern Basin, Lake Albert – Uganda, Technical Report to Heritage Oil & Gas Limited.
• Adams, D.D., S.O. Ochola and E.O. Odada. (2005) Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Research/Training in East Africa. Pp. 34-38. In E.O.Odada and D.O. Olago, eds. PASS Annual Report. The 19th START Scientific Steering Committee Meeting.
• Adams, D.D., S.O. Ochola and E.O. Odada. (2004) Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change Studies in the East African Rift valley. Pp. 62-64. In E.O. Odada and D.O. Olago, eds. PASS Annual Report. The 17th START Scientific Steering Committee Meeting.
• Adams, D.D. and S.O. Ochola. (2004) Methane emission studies in Lake Naivasha-Kenya, PASS Annual publication.
• S.O. Ochola (1999) Coastal Engineering Problems: Geology in Shore-control, Nairobi University Geology Students’ Association Magazine March, 1999 edition.


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