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Vincent Ondieki

I’m well pleased to be associated with the school of environmental studies; it has four disciplines that is environmental studies and community development, environmental science, environmental planning and environmental resource conservation.

Environmental studies and community development is the course I pursue among the above listed discipline and I’m proud to say it’s the best course one can do due to its unique nature, it cuts across all disciplines its simply multi disciplinary in nature hence exposes students to the competitive job market, it appreciates concepts from economics, business, gender, psychology, social science and the basic life skills. The course introduces students to view life in a positive way; it produces a full baked professional who in future proves to be best employers rather than employees.

Personally I find the course interesting since I have been equipped with a wealth of information from all spheres I must also appreciate the conducive environment that the department has created for me to attend field attachment where I have interacted with great minds and exposed me to the real life situation. The course has also enabled me meet people from different field through the concept of corporate social responsibility. Environmental studies is the course to pursue opportunities are available and open since environmental issue are on the rise and need our attention we have a role to play we are all responsible for sustainability.

Vincent Ondieki.

Environmental Studies and Community Development Student

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