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Student Testimonials


Ms. Nuru Nbeyu

Student 2014 Group


It was such an exciting experience I had at Kenyatta University while undertaking my Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Education. I am privileged to be one of the individuals that the department trained to be part of the next generation of conservation stewards by undergoing an all-round EE curriculum; from the classroom lectures to hands-on activities and of course the field trips all over the country. I also had an opportunity to travel to Tanzania to present a paper on ornithology when I was just a first year student!

All that I learnt in the course has helped me a lot after graduation. It has exposed me to not only local environmental conservation NGO’s but also in the international conservation field. For an exciting career where you get to explore all that nature offers and be in the frontline in making sure that the future generation equally benefits, B.Sc (Environmental Education) is the place to be. Many people out there are thirsting for the knowledge on how to conserve nature. Young children are my best audience when it comes to teaching on how to care for the environment. It is only when we empower others with knowledge that we permanently succeed. Environmental Education has given me the power to do so to the masses!


Mr. Jonathan Odongo

Student 2011 Group


Environmental Education, I can say, is the best thing that ever happened to me! The course broadened my knowledge and understanding of the intricate link between environmental issues and our way of life and ignited in me the passion to care for our life support system – the environment – as well as to work with people to protect nature and the planet Earth.

As a result of the training I went through, I am now able to communicate complex scientific issues in easily understandable terms, to people of all age groups, through a variety of information dissemination channels e.g. mass media, in order to inspire, educate and motivate people to work towards solving the environmental problems and prevent new ones from arising.

Since graduation, I have worked with a number of leading environmental, wildlife and education institutions and NGOs in the field in various capacities and participated in various seminars and conferences across the country. To anyone interested in making an impact in so far as environmental conservation is concerned, Environmental Education is the course to pursue.

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