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Dr. Erick Mutisya (2)


Lecturer/ Research Fellow
Department: Environmental Studies and Community Development
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844, 00100-Nairobi, Kenya.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ph.D. (Oct. 2013- Sept. 2016): University of Cologne, Germany
Social and Cultural Anthropology
Thesis title: Turning conflict into coexistence: cross-cutting ties and institutions in the agro-pastoral borderlands of Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya.
Grade: “Magna cum laude” (1,0) (with great honours)
PhD published version:

M.A (2010-2012): University of Cologne, Germany
Culture and Environment in Africa
Thesis title: Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at L. Naivasha, Kenya
Grade: “Sehr gut” (1,3) (very good)
Published version:

B.A (2004-2008): University of Nairobi, Kenya
Grade: First class honors

Areas of Specialization:
Social Anthropology, Ethnicity, Conflicts & Peacebuilding, Culture & Environment, Poverty Reduction & Community Development

Research / Publications

  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (in print). Culture and conservation: environmental stewardship in rapidly changing African environments, in: Mazingira Yetu, April 2017.
  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (in print). Conflict Resolution and Crime Surveillance in Kenya:Local Peace Committees and Nyumba Kumi, in: Africa Spectrum, 1/2017
  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (2016). Turning conflict into coexistence: cross-cutting ties and institutions in the agro-pastoral borderlands of Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya. PhD
    Thesis, Universität zu Köln. URL:
  • Kioko, Eric Mutisya (2016). Forgotten peace in resource use. In: People and Land, a publication by the Resilience in East Africa Landscapes Research Group. ISBN: 978-
  • Kioko, E. M. & Bollig, M. (2015). Cross-cutting Ties and Coexistence: Intermarriage,Land Rentals, and Changing Land Use Patterns among Maasai and Kikuyu of Maiella
    and Enoosupukia, Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya. Rural Landscapes: Society,Environment, History, 2(1): 1, pp. 1-16, DOI:
  • Kioko, E. M. (2015). Regional Varieties and “Ethnic” Registers of Sheng, In Nico Nassenstein and Andrea Hollington (eds.) Youth Languages Practices in Africa and
    Beyond. Mouton de Gruyter. Berlin, pp. 119-148.
  • Kioko, E. M. (2013). Poverty and Livelihood Strategies at Lake Naivasha, Kenya: A Case Study of Kasarani Village. Köln, Hundt Druck GmbH, [ISSN 2194-1556].
  • (Accepted for Publication) Ungoverned Spaces, Marginalisation and Informalisation of Violence in Northern Kenya- the Case of Kenya Police Reservists. AfSol journal
    (with Okumu Willis, ZEF, Bonn).
  • (Accepted for Publication) Appeasing the land: local peace committees and comanagement of conflicts in rural Kenya. AfSol journal (with Okumu Willis, ZEF,
  • Cooperation in the midst of conflict: cattle raids and land deals in Laikipia and Narok,Kenya. For submission to Africa journal (with Marie Gravesen, University of

Selected International Confrence Presentations

  • 2017 (June 7-9). Global South on the Move: Transforming Capitalism, Knowledge and Ecologies, in Cologne, Germany. Paper presentation, ‘Conservation in a violent
    environment: social-ecological change, community-based conservancies, and emergent value chains.
  • 2017 (April 1-5): Intrastate conflict. Conference of the DAAD African Good Governance Network (AGGN) in Bonn, Germany. Paper presentation, ‘Violent Valley: Land
    Settlement, Politics, and peacebuilding in Kenya’
  • 2017 (Jan 10-15): Global South Studies Centre, University of Cologne. Workshops on “Future Conservation: Towards an African Eden?” organised under the project, “Future
    Rural Africa: Future-making and social-ecological transformation”, in Cologne, Germany.
  • 2015 (Sept): Conference ‘Diversity of Violence in East Africa. PRIO/BIEA, 3rd -5th Sept. (Presented a paper)
  • 2015 (Aug): Post graduate conference on land and conflicts, University of Dar es Salaam,Tanzania (Presented a paper)
  • 2013 (Sept): The UNESCO International Conference on Global Ethics for Peace and Security : Africa-Asia-Pacific”, 3-4 Sept, Nairobi (Presented a paper).
  • 2013 (Feb): Mobility, Networks, and Institutions in the Management of Natural Resources in Contemporary Africa. VW Project Seminar – Katima Mulilo, Namibia; 1st -6th Feb 2013
    (Presented a paper).
  • 2012 (Aug): Pan-African Anthropological Association Conference at University of Nairobi “Africa, Anthropology and the MDG´s; 13-14 August 2012 (Presented a paper).
  • 2012 (June): Conference of the African Studies Association in Germany (VAD): Embattled Spaces – Contested Orders (30/05 – 02/06/2012) .
  • 2011 (Oct): Tropentag, Development on the margin. International Research on Food Security, Natural Resource Management, and Rural Development. Bonn, Germany.

Membership and Leadership

  • Since March 2017: Fellow of the African Good Governance Network (AGGN). AGGN was founded by the DAAD with support from the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) as an alumni network under the auspices of the former German Federal President Horst
  • Köhler in 2006. The aim of the network is to bring together African academics, who have studied in Germany, to discuss questions of Good Governance and to intensify academic exchange between Africa and
  • Since 2010: Alumni of the Global South Studies Centre (GSSC)/Cologne African Studies Centre/Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Cologne,
  • Since 2008: Alumni of the Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya,
  • Jan-Dec 2008: Chairman, institute of Anthropology, Gender, and African Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya

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