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Dr. Gladys Gathuru


Name: Dr. Gladys Gathuru
Environmental Science
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Area of Specialization:

Natural Resources, Mineral Exploitation and Mining and Hydrogeology

Research Interests

Environmental Rehabilitation, Mining, Hydrogeology, climate change, Research Methods, Solid waste management, Environmental Statistics, Remote Sensing and GIS


  • Gladys Muthochi Gathuru, Peter Mwakio Tole, Stephen Obiero Anyango. The Performance of Acacia Xanthophloea, Schinus Molle, Casuarina Equisetifolia and Grevillea Robusta in the Rehabilitation of a Limestone Quarry at East African Portland Cement Factory, Athi River, Kenya. Geo-Eco-Marina - No.23 / 2017 ISSN:2248–2776 ISSN-L: 1224–6808
  • G. Gathuru, The Effect of Tree Species on the Chemical Properties of soil in the Rehabilitation of a Limestone Quarry at Athi River, Kenya. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A 6 (2017) 178-187 doi:10.17265/2162-5298/2017.04.002.
  • Otieno AA, Kitur EL and Gathuru G, Physico-Chemical Properties of River Kisat, Lake Victoria Catchment, Kisumu Count, Kenya. Environ Pollut Climate Change 2017, 1:4 DOI: 10.4172/2573-45X.1000137
  • Manohar S*, Mang’oka J. M, Ndunda E and Gathuru G. Assessment of Yatta Canal Water Quality for Irrigation, Machakos County, Kenya. J Environ Anal Toxicol 2017, 7:1DOI: 10.4172/2161-0525.1000423
  • C.M Nguta, N. Kitaka, K.B. Onyiego and G. Gathuru,2011,Levels of Selected Heavy Metals in Soils, Water, Animal Tissues and Plants around Fluospar Factory, Kerio Valley Kenya. Kenya Science, Technology and Innovation Journal ISSN: 2079 - 5440, p-ISSN: 40 - 46. Vol. 2 (June 2011)
  • A.O Mazira, C.M. Nguta and G.Gathuru,April,Determination of Zn, Pb, Cu, Fe Concentrations in \underground water, Lake Water and Soils in Macalder-mines, Migori District. Kenya Sc., Tech. Inn. J. ISSN: 2079 - 5440, p-ISSN: 19 - 37. Vol. 4 and 5 (April 2016)


  • July 2016 – Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion – Implementation Plan in Nakuru County
  • April 2016 – Post COP21 Climate Change Symposium. Kenyatta University.
  • February 2016 – Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion – Implementation Plan in Mombasa County
  • May 2008 - 1st National Conference on the Environment, Nairobi, Kenya - (Member of the organizing committee).
  • April 2007 - Integrated HIV-AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health; Policy Implications. Kenya Institute of Education.
  • February 2006 - Linking Research Findings to the Industries, Maseru, Lesotho
  • November 2005 - Role of African universities in attainment of Millennium development Goals, Kenyatta University, Nairobi.
  • March 2004 - International Environmental Health Workshop, Kenyatta University.
  • 1998 - Environmental Capacity Enhancement Project workshop, Windhoek, Namibia.
  • 1997 - Environmental Capacity Enhancement Roundtable on “the way forward”, Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • 1990 - Field attachment in mining areas in Turkey.

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