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Students walk through the university street to usher in the green week April 27th 2017

The Kenyatta university environmental club was started in 1992 with the aim of allowing individuals to explore environmental issues, engaging in problem-solving and taking actions to improve the environment. As a result, the students are given an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues. In the process, the students acquire skills to help them make informed and responsible decisions concerning their environment. Another key aim of the club was to create Environmental awareness which is a philosophy that evokes the need and responsibility of the students to respect, preserve and protect the natural world from environmental afflictions caused by humans which is an integral part of the club’s success The students are also working in partnership with KU administration, umbrella Intervarsity Environmental Network (IVEN), African youth initiative climate change. (AYICC), NGOS such as youth for conservation, KOEE, Riruta Environmental Group. (REG), Ruiru environmental group, National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to influence the public policy in social, economic, political and cultural spheres in order to bring about justice and positive change in in human rights.

They are also partnering with other stakeholders in environmental conservation like National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) website which extends services to the students and the wider Kenyan community to train and be taught on environmental issues. The students have also engaged the community outreach projects where they collect ideas on issues relating to the natural environment, Green Power, Rainwater Harvesting, Energy Conservation, Recycling, Pollution, Soil quality, Greenhouse effect and Climate Change. They organize Fun days, Java nights, tree planting and clean up where they remove pollutants or contaminants from the soil, groundwater, sediment or surface. Youth Activity days are aimed at getting young people out to learn about their environment in a fun, hands-on way.

The KUNEC Green week was a weeklong event to sensitize people about the importance of environmental Conservation and Awareness information, which is held annually at the University. It is celebrated yearly on the last week of May. It brings together students from all the departments of the School of Environmental Studies and other interested students from other schools and professionals who give lectures to solve global climatic problems. The theme of this year’s Green Week celebrations is Promoting Green Economy for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction. KUNEC day at Kenyatta University took place this year April 27th, 2017 at 12.30 p.m to 5: 30 pm at the KU-BSSC ROOM 014 on the main Campus. Close to 100 participants came out for the event daily mostly students of the school of environmental studies.

This year, KUNEC was celebrating 25years since it was started. The celebration was graced by Dr. Jerad Bosire the Director worldwide fund for Nature (WWF). It started at the KUNEC ground outside the 8-4-4 building, where the students had gathered to witness the planting of a tree by the chief guest Dr. Jerad Bosire the director of the worldwide fund for Nature (WWF). This is an organization which aims to conserve nature and ecological processes by preserving biodiversity, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful use of resources and energy. Then there was a Students road match via to the graduation square to the Business Students And Services Centre ( BSSC) where Green Week was officially opened by Prof. Simon Onywere on behalf of the Vice Chancellor and the Dean School of Environmental Studies. The Theme: Promoting Green Economy for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction.

>>Click this link to view the speeches by various stakeholders during the event<<

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