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KU Gis Day Celebrations

From 16th – 20th November 2015 the World will be celebrating GIS and will mark the GIS Day on Wednesday 18th November, 2015. On that day the World will come together in celebration of the annual salute to geospatial technology and its power to transform and better lives. Kenyatta University will be holding her GIS Day on Wednesday 18th November 2015 at the KU-BSSC.

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The theme of the GIS Day is “Discovering the World through GIS”.

>>Download Program for the Day<

You are kindly invited to join us at KU-BSSC on Wed 18th Nov 2015 and celebrate with us as you also gain from insights from invited speakers on the following topics:

1. ICIPE – Earth Observation Unit and how geospatial knowledge is helping ICIPE meet her Mandate
2. DRSRS - Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing – Mapping and monitoring Kenya’s changing environment 
3. Esri Eastern Africa - Empowering East Africa with Geospatial Knowledge Tools for Natural Resources and planning Solutions
4. Regional Centre for mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) - GIS and Database Application and use in the region and RCMRD Open Geoportal 
5. Geodev Kenya Ltd - Offering Urban Solution with Spatial Knowledge

There will also be prizes to be won by students with best GIS Map posters and presentations of Map stories

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