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Dr Esther C Kitur

Position: Lecturer
Department: Environmental Science
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 - 00100 Nairobi

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Research Interests

Water Pollution, Industrial Ecology and Cleaner Production


  • Gitau, J. K1,and Kitur, E.,1.(Aug 2014).Efficiency of Tibia wetland in the treatment of waste water. IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) e-ISSN: 2319-2402, p-ISSN: 2319-2399. Volume 8 issue 8 Ver. II (Aug.2014), PP 00-00.
  • Nzeve, J.K.1, Njuguna, S. G1. and Kitur. E.C1. Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals in Clariasgariepinus and OreochromisSpirulusniger from Masinga Reservoir, Kenya. IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) e-ISSN: 2319-2402, p-ISSN: 2319-2399. Volume8.Issue 10 Ver.1 (Oct. 2014). PP 58-63
  • Nzeve, J.K.1, Njuguna, S. G1, and Kitur. E.C1.Determination of Heavy metals in Sediments of Masinga Reservoir, Kenya.Journal of Environment and Earth Science. ISSN: 2224-3216, Vol.4, No.20,2014.
  • Nzeve, J.K.1, Njuguna, S. G1,and Kitur. E.C1. Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Surface Water of Masinga Reservoir, Kenya.Journal of Natural Sciences Research. ISSN 2224-3186 (Paper) ISSN 2225-0921. Vol.5.No.2, 2014.
  • Gitau, J. K1,and Kitur1, May 2016: Variations in the levels of Physic-Chemical parameters of waste water before and after passing through tibia wetland and conformity to NEMAKenya and generalStandards Permissible Effluent Discharge Limits.IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT)E- ISSN: 2319-2402, P-ISSN:2319-2399, Volume 10, Issue 5 Ver. 1 (MAY 2016),PP 14-24.
  • Ochieng J1. Kitur, E1. Obade, P1. August 2016.Assessment of Decay Coefficient of AllochthonousLitter for Sustainable Riparian Forage Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring, A Study in River Nyangores, Kenya. The Open Atmospheric Science Journal. Toascj@ BSP-TOASCJ-2016-7.
  • Manohar, S1; Kitur, E.L1 and Kibet, F.C1. (2016); Water Quality and Plant Species Composition of Selected Sites within Chemususu Dam, Baringo County, Kenya. Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology. ISSN-216-0525 Jeat: Open Access Journal, Volume 6, Issue 4-1000390.
  • Wairangu E 1.E .Kitur2. &G. Macharia2 (2016) Utilization of By- Products and Cleaner Production in Industrial Nile Perch Processing in Kenya. International Journal of Environmental Sciences, Volume 1 Issue 2 Year 2016. IPRJB, International Peer Reviewed journals and Book Publishers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Manohar, S1. Otieno A1.Kitur.E2. Planktonic Diatoms Species Composition and Water Characteristics along Selected Sites of River Ki sat, Kisumu County, Kenya. Journal of Environmental and Analytical Toxicology. 10. 4172/2161-0523.1000469.
  • Otieno. A.A1; Kitur, EL1. and Gathuru, G2. Physico- Chemical Properties Of River Kisat, Lake Victoria Catchment Kisumu County, Kenya, Journal of Environmental Pollution and Climate Change.2017. 1:137.104172/2573-458x, 1000137.
  • Mulati,P1.Kitur, E1 Taracha,C1.KurgatJ2. Raimar, S2and Irungu, J2. Evaluation of Neonicotinoid Residues in Hive Products from Selected Counties in Kenya. Journal of Environmentaland Analytical Toxicology, Volume 8, Issue 3. ISSN 2161-0525.
  • Somoni,P.B1. E. Kitur1, Koske, J2. Effects of Human Activities on Quality of Water at Selected Points on River Rupingazi in EmbuCounty, Kenya.IJRDO- Journal of BiologicalScience. ISSN: 2455-7676. Volume 3, issue 9 September 2017.
  • Seswa,F. Manohar ,S and Kitur E .Current Floristic Composition and Growth Forms of Kaka mega Forest, International Journal of Agriculture and Forestry. 2018080204.
  • Mwanzia T.N1, Gathuru,G2& Kitur E2. Physico-Chemical Effects of Sand Harvesting on Water Quality in River Thwake Machakos County Kenya. International Journal of scientific and research publications, Volume 8 Issue 9,September, 2018.


Conference Presentation

  1. 24th- 28th April 20117, Participated in the training of trainer workshop on systemtheory and higher education didactics, Kenyatta University Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. 3rd -25th November, 2016-Participated in the 1st Eastern Africa Aquaculture Symposium and Exhibition (EAASE) 2016.  Theme ‘Strengthening Aquaculture Value Chain in the Eastern Africa Region”. Venue, African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) Kiambu, Kenya. 23rd – 25th November, 2016. Presented a paper Impacts of Aquaculture Development on Quality of fish pond effluent and livelihoods of farmers in Gatundu, Kiambu.county
  3. 3rd -25th November, 2016-Participated in the 1st Eastern Africa Aquaculture Symposium and Exhibition (EAASE) 2016. Theme ‘Strengthening Aquaculture Value Chain in the Eastern Africa Region”. Venue, African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD) Kiambu, Kenya. 23rd – 25thNovember, 2016.
  4. 24th- 26th August 2016- Participated in the sixth African regional centres of expertise conference 2016 ‘Empowering African RCEs’. Theme, “Developing capacities of African RCEs for the implementation of the Global Action Programme on ESD and the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.” Venue, Kenyatta University Conference Centre (Nairobi- Kenya).
  5. 25th to 27th April 2016- Participated in an international atomic energy conference (Atoms for peace) Conference , Expert mission to prepare the education and training review services and systematic assessment of regulatory competence needs. Venue, Kenyatta National Hospital Complex.
  6. 22nd to 23rd October 2015 –Participated in Natural Resources Management Curriculum development workshop. Venue, Kenyatta University.
  7. 1stDec-5thDec.2014, Participated in a Conference. The theme of the Conference was Bridging the gap between Science,Society and Industry. Organized by Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Horticulture Association of Kenya (HAK) and Nairobi University.Venue: Kenyatta University Business and Students\ Services Centre (BSSC).

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News and Events

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KU HOLDS 1st ESDA WORKSHOP 06 June 2017.

The workshop started at 8.30 AM and was opened by Dr. Njoroge Gitau on behalf of the Deputy Vice Chancellor-administration, and who heaped praise on the ESDA programme,and especially its approach of - problem identification to seeking solutions, and the sustainability concept Read More on 1st ESDA Workshop 

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This year, KUNEC was celebrating 25years since it was started. The celebration was graced by Dr. Jerad Bosire the Director worldwide fund for Nature (WWF)...Read More on KUNEC  Celebrations 



Tree Planting Field Trip to Geta Farm

This was a community outreach event organized by the Kenyatta university student’s organization (KUSA) through the Deans Office, School of environmental Studies.  Learn more


 KU student wins Wangari Maathai Scholarship

What would the average Kenyan do if they ‘failed’ their KCSE? Give up perhaps. I was tempted to do the same but I did not. Read Elizabeth Wanjiru's  story



The intakes to school of environmental studies takes place at different times in the course of the year.


 I am Abigael Jerop Kiprono a student in the School of Environmental Studies taking a bachelors in Environmental Resource Conservation. I travelled to Hungary under Erasmus Credit Mobility under the European Union. Hungary is a country in Central Europe along with Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic with a great history during the World war. Read More....

vincentAbigael Jerop Kiprono
 Environmental Studies 
Programme: Erasmus Credit Mobility
Reg: N76/3068/2015


 Envi. Studies & Community dev is  the best course one can do due to its unique nature, it cuts across all disciplines hence exposes students to the competitive job market Read More....

vincentVincent Ondieki
 Environmental Studies Alumni

A key element that has made it unique and more desirable at K.U is the availability of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced lecturers within the school.Read More..

Raymond Allan Kojo
Environmental Studies Alumni

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