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Name: Samuel C. J. Otor.
Environmental Sciences.
Contact Address:
School of Environmental Studies, Kenyatta University. P. O. Box 34844 –
00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile Phone:
Senior Lecturer.
Area of Specialization:
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Research Interests:

  • Mathematical model building and simulation of human fertility behaviour in thebiosocial context.
  • Research on the design and measurement of adolescent sexual behaviour –basis for
  • anticipatory rather than remedial policy making.
  • Environmental impacts of human population dynamics / Demographic impactassessment (DIA).
  • Impacts of environmental and occupational exposures on human reproduction.
  • Gender inequality and reproductive health.
  • Communicating population, health and environmental research to policy makers.
  • Attrition and survival analysis of human reproductive phenomena.



  • Otor, Samuel C. J. 1994 Primary and Secondary Sterility in Pathologically, and Infertility- Afflicted Populations: Relationship Re-examined., Biosocial Aspects of Human Fertility – Models and Applications. Pp. 115-132., ISBN: 81- 7018-802-4
  • Otor, Samuel C. J. and Arvind Pandey, 1998, Puberty and the Family Formation Process in Sudan: Age-amenarche Differential Fecundity Hypothesis Revisited., Journal of SocialmBiology. 45(3-4): 246-259. ISSN: 0037- 766X
  • Otor, Samuel C. J. and Arvind Pandey, 1999, Adolescent Transition to Coitus and Pre-marital Childbearing in Sudan: A Biosocial Context., Journal of Biosocial Science. 31(3): 361-374.
  • Otor, Samuel C. J. and Arvind Pandey., 2001 Child Spacing in Sudan: An Indirect Estimation from the 1993 Census Data., Dynamics of Population Change: Emerging Issues of the 21st Century. Pp. 47-
    52., ISBN: 81- 7541-079-5

Affiliation to Professional Bodies

  • Member of the African Statistical Association (AFSA).
  • Member of the Indian Society of Probability and Statistics (ISPS).
  • Member of the Indian Society of Medical Statistics (ISMS).
  • Member of the International Biometrics Society (IBS).
  • Member of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population(IUSSP).
  • Member of the International Environmetrics Society (TIES).


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 Environmental Studies 
Programme: Erasmus Credit Mobility
Reg: N76/3068/2015


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