The school of Environmental studies organized a student event dubbed the Mazingira challenge which was held on 1st April, 2022 at the BSCC Room 149.Mazingira is a Swahili word which means the surrounding or in environmental science the word simply means (environment). This challenge is an annual event in the school calendar and draws participants (students) from all four Departments in the School of Environmental Studies i.e Environmental Science, Environmental Resource Conservation (ENS/ERC), Environmental Planning and management (EPM), Environmental Community Development (ECD) and Environmental Education (EED), it’s organized by the Kenyatta university student’s organization (KUSA) School office of the congressperson  through the Dean’s Office School of environmental Studies. However, this year’s event drew participants from all Schools across other schools and department who are passionate of the environment.

This year’s event started with the students planting trees in near Ngong hostel and the procession went to BSSC where the event took place. The event started with a word of prayer from a student, followed by opening remarks from the congressperson the School Administrator who opened the event and invited the guest speaker from the UNESCO Chair HEDGES who delivered keynote Speech.  The challenge is basically a fun day and bring the students together for a quiz competition, which is a great environmental tool used to help students to maintain interest in the topic of discussion through stimulating questions and providing a basis for more in-depth investigation of the issues being raised in the competition. It also enables the students to think from different angles or simply ‘think out of the box ‘’about environmental issues. There was a session on Question and Answers (Q&A), Students who answered the questions correctly were awarded trophies after being vetted by the judges present. 

Students pose for a photo before the tree planting near Ngong hostels before the event


A photo of students during the Question and answer session



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